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Spicy Relish, Traditional Homemade Recipes. 230g

₹ 2,342.84
SKU Jam7

I have handmade this yummy relish. That is a great addition to any savoury food. It can be used on anything from sandwiches, as a dip, or on that sensational steak. It's a very versatile product. But adds that additional zing to the meal.


I have handmade this product, using around 70% fruit and vegetables, giving tit the traditional Homestyle feel. And also making it a lot healthier, because it's not filled with sugars and additives. I have use natural products and spices, making it a product you always go back to.


All of my jams and relish come with the same quality. And in a lot of cases are use organic homegrown fruit and vegetables where I can. Adding additional quality. However sometimes I can't find homegrown products because they're out of season. So I have to buy the ingredients required. But where I can I go natural. I hope you enjoy this product as much as I do.

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