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Size 5. Little Girls Fairy Dress.

₹ 3,139.35

This is a popular product that every little girl loves. They look great and they wear well.


I have re-purposed a good quality brand-new kids T-shirt, that is sun rated and safe to be worn. I have then sewn on a cool fairy skirt on the base. They are very practical to wear. And are great  in summer or winter, depending on the layers used.


This product washes well. Just place it in a standard washing machine like you would any other clothing. And then hang up to dry, and you won't get too many wrinkles.


The T-shirts are a poly cotton blend, or 100% cotton. And the material used in the skirt is a poly cotton.


They are practical and easy and jazz up any day. And your little girl will love you for life. They are also a great gift.

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