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HEPA Heavy Duty Car Vacuum Cleaner

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HEPA Heavy Duty Car Vacuum Cleaner


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HEPA Heavy Duty Car Vacuum Cleaner - Travel Electronics
1. 360 ° Clean: The HEPA filter can be washed with water, which can prevent dust from attracting the filter to maintain a large suction force when used. It can be used repeatedly without replacement.
2. Wireless Restraint: It can be sucked everywhere, not afraid of short wires, and the trunk can be easily cleaned, which really saves time and effort.
3. Strong Power: Turbo motor, high-performance movement, turbo motor vacuum suction, continuous stability and no heat.
One-click separation of dust cup, easy to dump garbage, convenient maintenance.
Color: White, Black (optional)
Machine Power: 120W
Input Current: 8A
Input Voltage: DC 12V
Size: 37 * 10 * 11cm
Rated Speed: 22800 r / min
Vacuum Suction: 45 mbar
Package Includes:
1 * Car vacuum cleaner
1 * Floor brush
1 * Long suction mouth
1 * Brush
1 * Extended hose

 HEPA Heavy Duty Car Vacuum Cleaner - Travel Electronics

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