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Dome Orgonite Colourful Handmade Healing

₹ 3,117.42

I have hand made this orgonite and made it beautiful for your pleasure. It can be placed anywhere in your house, or worn. I have provided more infomation below about the benifits. SizeHight. 5cmWidth. 6cm Orgonite is one of the most important inventions of our times. This simple mixture of resin, metal particles, and a quartz crystal has an astonishingly wide spectrum of positive effects. Orgonite Eliminates Harmful Effects of EMFs, ELFs & RFsElectromagnetic fields are invisible and inaudible to humans but harmful to all living organisms. Majority of man-made electromagnetic devices produce orgone energy in its negative state (DOR). Electro-smog produced by cell phones, cell towers, wireless internet, home electrical appliances, smart meters, high-voltage lines, radio towers, etc. Orgonite changes the underlying negative and harmful orgone energy (DOR), into balanced and healthy orgone energy. Orgonite Increases Energy Levels & Helps All Forms of HealingOrgone governs and permeates the whole human body. It influences the body, mind, and spirit. When the energy is balanced it brings peace, joy, vitality, and more balanced and joyful moods. When unbalanced it causes our emotions to become agitated, distressed & cause illnesses. Orgonite Balances Weather Orgonite distributed in large quantities can balance the local weather, bring more rain, normalize the weather patterns, reduce light storms. Orgonite helps to bring clear blue sky and beautiful and healthy puffy clouds. There’re multiple reports of tremendous positive changes in environmental healing with orgonite. This is done by large-scale orgonite gifting. Orgonite Improves Farming & FoodSimple orgonite-mix can also significantly improve your veggies and fruits growth and yield, and animal production. Plants just like any living organism simply thrive on the positive orgone. BEST PLACES FOR YOUR ORGONITESo you’re wondering where to place your orgonites? The answer for this question is simple. Everywhere. Unfortunately in today’s environment soaked up the man-made technologies beaming DOR it is just wise to have orgonite everywhere. Near your TV, computer, WiFi router, cell phone, smart meter, and other “smart” appliances that produce DOR and beam you the EMFs, ELFs, and RFs. In the fridge and places like cupboards where you keep your food. Near the main inlets of water, gas, and electricity to your house. Orgonite will help in restructuring their energies. In the bedroom. Keep it near your bed for sounder sleeps and more vivid dreams. In the bathroom. Before your bath throw it in the water so it gets charged up with positive orgone. In the garden. Plants simply love orgone energy and seem to thrive on it. Your veggies and fruits will be healthier, taste better, and grow bigger. In the car. Place orgonite in the cabin, and one in the trunk close to the petrol tank. In the neighborhood – distribute orgonite in your local area and see the birds, bees and other wildlife return to your area. Please Google Orgonite for more answers and information.

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