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Cycling Trouser Protector from Bicycle Tube – Dark Green

₹ 2,044.02
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Cycling Trouser Protector from Recycled Bicycle Tube in Dark Green!

Cycling Trouser Protector  -  made from carefully selected, high-quality, recycled bicycle inner tubes, with colourful linen tapes sewn on the sides by our own hands. With it's black velcro closing you could set up it's length on your ankle.

Usable for both legs.

Handsewn Strap to Keep Your Jeans Clean!

Every cycling trousers strap has different surface, there might be text from the manufacturer or a puncture fixing patch. Besides their extremely durability these bicycle inner tube trousers strips are really soft and doesn’t stretch. Than we clean all biketubes we have collected, so this strap won’t stain (well, they protect!) your pants.

The metal endings are made of nickeled steel.

Felvarrom Recycle 4 Wornout Innert Tubes to Sew a Trousers Strap!

During the manufacturing process we have to sort a lot of bicycle inner tubes - most of are not usable to sew trousers straps from them. These are, of course, delivered to the right recycling facility. Overall it's possible to sew a strap from approx 4 pieces of bike tubes we collected from local bike shops.


Length: 40 cm / 15.7 inch

Width: about 4 cm / 1.6 inch

Weight: about 40 g, depending on the thickness of the inner tube

Please wash the Bike Trouser Protector on 30 Celsius, by hand. Handsewn in Budapest.

Before purchase a trousers strap please note that the picture above shows one of the trousers straps. Since the strap is made from recycled materials, it may look worn or damaged!

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