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Kids Paint Smock. Pink Stripes. Large.

₹ 3,139.35

This is a popular product that every little child will love. They look great and they wear well.


I have created and sewn a bright coloured garment that is easily placed over the top of the clothes the child is already wearing. I've used bright colours to make it exciting, and make your child want to wear them. They have a really cool pocket at the base so fun toys etc can go in there while they do their painting or cooking or anything else. Also there is elastic on the sleeves to prevent them from dragging into the paint project or cooking that is underway. The back is open with a tie string so it's easily adjusted to any sized child and easy to do up, and undo. 


This product is made from polyester/cotton material. In different colours and styles.


This product washes well. Just place it in a standard washing machine like you would any other clothing. And then hang up to dry, and you won't get too many wrinkles.


They are practical and easy and jazz up any day. And your children will love you for life. They are also a great gift.



                                        Small                        Large

Long.                           51cm                                63cm

Arm - Sholder.         25cm                                39cm

Sholder Width        27cm                                45cm

Base Width              43cm                                56cm



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