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Christmas Card with Pastel Drawing of a Pine Tree. Blank Card

₹ 2,225.10
SKU Xmas Pine Card

This is a fun gift idea for anyone, and will lighten up anyone's day.


This Christmas card is a photo of the original pastel drawing I have drawn, Creating a spectacular image. The quality of the card is as good as the original pastel, showing the detail of the media used. It is a unique gift that anyone would appreciate and admire.


The card is Printed on high gloss quality paper giving it a photo finish.The inside of the card is blank and designed for easy use and message writing. Allowing you to add your special touch to the card.


If you love the pastel drawing. Please feel free to contact me to see if the original artwork is still available.


This postcard is a unique gift idea to send to someone special. It will break tradition slightly by sending something different rather than the standard Gift card. 


The size of the card is:

10.8cm wide

13.8cm high


There is a large range of cards available. Taken from my personal drawings. This includes every day cards, mini cards, postcards And Christmas cards. Please have a look to see if there are others you like. 


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