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Cake Display, 2 Tier Leadlight Handmade Unique Gift

₹ 20,709.79

This 2 tier cake display leadlight is a great addition to any household. It will look great at any time of day. The colours used are vibrant enough that even on a dull day you will see a stunning Leadlight. A mixture of opalescent and translucent textured glass is used to make up design. This caddy is sturdy and comes with all components to re-assemble in your home. It will be a great addition in any room of the house or as a wow factor at your next dinner party. This is a practical piece of art that will brighten any internal or external environment. I love to create something different and was inspired by the eclectic bright glass and wanted to be different.


Total diameter bottom 32cm round

Top tier 21cm round

Total height 26cm

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